Toms Cattery located in Tottington, Bury was established in 1989 by the founder Tom Baldwin.

The founder, Tom Baldwin, has been a cat lover and around cats all his life. What began out of frustration at the lack of decent boarding nearby has steadily grown into one of the area’s largest catteries, with accommodation for up to 50 cats available. Yet we have been careful to maintain a dedicated one-to-one approach with all of our clients and each cat receives individual care and attention during their stay.

Our Cattery Management computer system contains a complete record of every cat’s individual requirements, including medication charts, special diets, grooming needs, veterinary details, identichip number and contact information.

We pride ourselves on our reputation and you can be sure that your cat is in safe hands whilst here. The cattery is fully licensed by Bury Metro and is inspected at least twice a year. We currently have seven professionally trained members of staff and the cattery is supervised 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

All cats are fully insured whilst here, excluding pre-existing conditions, and all cats must be vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis. We can administer all medications and special diets as required.

Your cat’s comfort and well-being are important to us and we have ensured that the cattery construction is light and airy, with adequate ventilation and full central heating up to 24 hours a day as necessary. The chalets have solid partitions and cats are easily supervised without feeling stress or intimidation. For hygiene reasons we use high quality wood-based litter, however, other litters can be used upon request. For minimum disruption, each cat is fed the same food that they are used to eating at home.

We fully understand how difficult it can be to be parted from your cat for a short while and you need to feel reassured that they will be well looked after whilst you’re away - for this reason we encourage you to contact us, ask questions, or come and meet us to discuss your cat’s needs and to ease any concerns you may have.

Finally, we take a 20% deposit when the booking is made. Final payment is welcomed by cash, cheque and most credit and debit cards on completion of stay. Please contact us for our current rates and availability.